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How many guests can veseli accomodate?

We can accomodate up to 50 people spread out over the house. The use of the patio and outdoor space increases that number. We can accomodate 6 overnight guests. 

What is included in my rental?

Use of the venue and any available decor. We have 8 round tables and 60 folding chairs for use in our basement space. A full kitchen is also available.  Please inquire for more information and specific amenities.  

Can I bring my own Food?

Yes, and we can also reccomend catering services. 

Am I allowed to Hang things on THE Wall?

Yes, however no stapling, nailing or tacking inside or outside as well as prohibited use of tape, adhesive or any other damaging product on drywall or wallpapered surface. 

Can I Bring my own alcohol?

Yes. Consumption of alcohol is allowed on the premises, provided the renter and their guests abide by all applicable law regarding alcohol possesion and consumption. 

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